Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Top 5 reasons to use Google Chrome

The Chrome browser has come a long way in just under 2 years.

Not too long after Chrome came out, I posted a rant on why it sucked. Well, it's 1 year and 10 months later, and I think I need to re-visit that rant.

What has changed my mind? Well, Chrome has evolved, it's changed for the better, and it has addressed all the issues that I ranted about prior. Plus it is not going to go quietly into the night, so I thought I would switch over to using it. I am now using Chrome for all of my surfing needs, and only occasionally resort to FF3.6 or IE8 if there is a problem that I cannot solve in Chrome. Let's take a look at what I ranted about before, and see what has changed ......

1. Chrome UI has been polished up:
Just like when the Acura Integra first came out with its odd double circle headlights, all things GUI related require time to adjust. They've resolved their scrolling issues, and now have extensions to provide dropdown URL history, and switching to another search engine. Also they've provided a download progress bar too.

2. Flash support:
As I later found out, the Yahoo!Finance site does not properly work on Chrome because Yahoo refuses to recognize Chrome's user agent. So, installing an extension that spoofs any browser's UA string resolved this issue.

3. Browser extensions:
This is a potential game changer, as any feature set available on FireFox should also be doable in Chrome, just need someone to write the extension for it if it does not yet exist.

4. Resource allocation:
Before, I complained that Chrome would hog more memory to implement its novel multi-process browser model. However, now I am beginning to see the reason and purpose behind its need for more memory than FireFox. Simply put, FireFox aspires to be a good browser, but Google Chrome has bigger aspirations.

5. NO longer worse than Firefox:
FireFox is still the yardstick by which all browsers should be judged, but in the past 2 years, Chrome has made visible and tangible progress towards becoming pound for pound comparable to FireFox's feature set.

To sum up , Google has come a long way in the past two years, and if this is any indication, it has big aspirations, especially with its plans for the Chrome app web store. Just more reasons to consider using it now, as I can see the potential for it to dominate like how IE dominated netscape in winning the browser wars in the 90's.

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