Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not All Fun 'n Games

Traded the EuroFX futures and S&P500 E-Mini Futures

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Shorted ES @862, initial stop@863.75, target 859, stopped out @863

This was a well planned trade, IMO. Pivot line (@863.56833) to the top of the W-pattern (blue line) was almost the same distance to the bottom of the W-pattern. Even the noise should have been able to take me out. As it turns out, I moved my stop down to 863 too soon, and was taken out by the same noise that would have otherwise worked in my favour. Frustrating as crap.

Short@1.2966, initial stop @1.2976, exited@1.2955
Declining trendline, established pattern of lower highs, profitable trade in less than 3min., unlike that stupid ES trade, where it took me 20min. to be stopped out for 1pt loss.
Note: The Euro plunged 2 cents in the early evening, and that gave me a short bias on the Euro trade. ES was rejected @resistance @872, that made me look for short trade as well.
Started using BracketTrader again. Not sure why I didn't use it last week.

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