Tuesday, May 06, 2008

flipping over YHOO!

Yesterday I mentioned that YHOO had found some buyers.
Well, when I saw it steadily climb up during pre-market and in the first hr of trading, I just had to jump in to get a piece of the action.  I bought a small position @23.35, and today, flilpped it @25.85.  Made $2.50 per share.   I really don't care now if Mr. Softie agrees to take out Yahoo! for up to $37, since I already got my piece of the action, and I am happy with how I followed my plan - buy when the chart was telling me to buy, bought and sold without second guessing myself at whether I could extract another dime out of the trade.....
When a flip like this goes this well, the only thing you have regrets about is not taking on a bigger position.
Ok, onwards to the next flip !!!

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