Monday, February 25, 2008

What's New


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Back in the days when I first started this blog, I would love to be that hamster who would run on the hamster wheel for that piece of blogging carrot.

Now that's it's been over a year later, it's been getting harder for me to contribute decent content to this blog. That's one of the reasons that I haven't been blogging lately.

What else is new? Well, that company that I had the phone interview with? That secret company was Google. They called, we talked, I found out that they were looking for Java programmers, and as hard as I tried to sell myself, I couldn't hide the fact that I didn't have very many years of experience in working on Java programming projects. Oh well, that's the way the dice rolls..... Yup, as much as you plan and prepare, sometimes life is like the roll of a dice. It is what it is.

I've been watching COIN, LNN, DBA for the past couple of weeks. There were opportunities to enter long positions, but I just did not pull the trigger. I'd like to hide behind the usual excuse of being too busy with work, but in reality, it wouldn't have taken much time to enter those trades. Do I not care enough about successfully swing trading stocks? Is it too boring or tiresome to look for stocks to swing trade? Should I find more questions to which I don't have the answers? I don't know, although I do admit, I kind of miss trading futures now.....

Luckily the market is going mostly nowhere right now, so I still have some time to snap out of my current apathetic attitude.


Tyro said...

The Goog interviewed you? I knew that beneath your geeky exterior beats the heart of an even geekier person. Um, any chance they're hiring in Van or do you have to travel? :)

Tell the truth, swing trading is kind of painful for me too, right now. Not just 'cause my trades haven't been working out so well but more because the market is holding it's breath and setups just aren't working so well. Hard to say that you're missing much.

Good luck with things & thanks for popping by to say "hello".

Albert said...

Hey Tyro,
Nah, I never even made it to the stage where I would convince them to open up an office in YVR! The phone interview was for a job in Google's Kirkland, WA office, so that would mean that I would have to relocate my whole family to Kirkland. I've heard bad things about living in Seattle, but with 3 free gourmet meals per day, all the free pop/coffee that you could ever want, a massage therapist at your beck and call, and stock options to die for, I could be convinced to settle down in Seattle for the next little while..... too bad that "what-if" scenario never became my reality.... it is what it is!