Friday, January 04, 2008

More Chart Reviews

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Kind of in danger of overtrading here, so I have to keep my watchlist down to only the best of the best low risk and high probability plays.....

I was stopped out of BPOP @9.94, for a loss of $0.11/share.
So now I have only 2 current Positions:

Research In Motion Limited (NASDAQ:RIMM) -
The reason I bought it is because I saw that my risk would be low. But this is not a high probability trade, since RIMM might still try and fill the gap.
My stop is still at 111.

Hoku Scientific, Inc. (NASDAQ:HOKU) -
Went long @13.5, initial stop was 13.
I bought this after Brian Shannon's mentioned it in his blog. Interesting to note that HOKU has supply agreements with two solar stocks, STP, and SOLF. HOKU typically reports it earnings in the third week of January, so there is still time for an earnings run-up; in fact it may have already started.

VMware, Inc. (NYSE:VMW)
The plan for VMW is to wait for evidence that buyers are starting to take control. In retrospect, this is what I also should have done for RIMM.

MasterCard Incorporated (NYSE:MA)

Also watching PANL @21, SXC @40.

There are plenty of bullish stocks to go around. Current hot sectors are the Agricultural Chemicals, Solar, BioFuels, and most commodities. First it was $10 wheat, then $100 WTIC, then $850 Gold, and now, also Uranium is starting to "twitch":

I originally thought tomorrow would be a quiet day, but it looks like now I will have more than plenty to keep me busy.

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