Monday, November 05, 2007

Trading Results for Monday


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I traded the 7am reversal today.

Trade1: Short@1506, stop=1507, exited@1506.25
Trade2: Short @1509, stop=1511, exit=1508

Unfortunately, I also traded for a 1tick loss just prior to the 7am reversal, and was unable to shake off that trade. It made me second guess myself, and I got scared out at the first sign of what smelled like retrace to me.

I'm almost tempted to impose a rule for myself to not make any trades until after 7am.

The 7am reversal was a beautiful setup today, would have been good for 3 points without any meaningful retrace - if I hadn't messed myself up with that prior trade. Buying at support @1500 would have been a pretty nice play as well, but I had just woken up and was not yet prepared for trading.

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