Sunday, November 11, 2007

Top 5 Reasons Why Windows Vista SUCKS

Ignore this rant if you are a fan of Windows Vista.

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1. WinVista is incapable of running a full trading platform.
Ugly experienced the same issue that I have encountered on many occasions:
After running my trading platform for a few hours, windows explorer inexplicably crashes. Symptoms of this windows explorer malfunction include:
- clock stops ticking
- some "double vision" in my trading window, where a line of numbers gets duplicated into the line below it.
- chatroom connections run inside the FireFox browser gets disconnected.

As it turns out, they might have a fix for this particular issue that never occurred with my WinXP laptop.

But crikey, if WinVista was done right, then I wouldn't have make this rant in the first place.

2. Windows Vista is not backwards compatible with WinXP applications.
I tried to install the Wealth-Lab program onto my WinVista laptop. Their FAQ said to turn on the WinXP compatibility mode if you encounter any issues. Fine, I turn on the compatibility mode and still got the following result:

I goto download the exact same application onto my WinXP laptop, it installed and ran without barfing like how it did on my WinVista laptop.
So let me get this straight, WinVista provides a WinXP compatibility feature that is incompatible with the XP application that I want to run. WTF?

3. WinVista is even more bloated than WinXP.

Here is how much memory WinVista requires just to BOOT UP.

At one point, peak memory usage during boot up spiked up to 970Mb. WTF? On WinXP however, it only required about 220Mb for it to boot up on my WinXP laptop. It's already forced me to get used to waiting 16.6667 eons for it to boot up, why on earth does it need 1 freakin' Gigabyte of RAM just to boot up? I'm not running AutoCAD, I'm not running Half Life, I'm not running Visio, dang it, I just want to boot up.
Oh, but proponents will say that it needs the extra RAM in order to provide the new and extra features. Which leads me to my next point.

4. WinVista is unnecessary.
Let's look at some of the new features on WinVista.

IE7 - should be available on WinXP (whether it is actually available or not on WinXP is irrelevant; WinXP is capable of supporting and running this feature).
WinMedia Player11 - should be available on WinXP
Direct3D 10 - should be available on WinXP
32-bit Audio - why is this necessary when CD audio is only 16-bits ?
IPv6 support - not needed, since there is absolutely no one on this earth that is currently using IPv6
WinFirewall - should be available on WinXP
WinDefender - should be available on WinXP
PCIe v1.1 - should be available on WinXP
Encrypting FileSystem - ok
BitLocker Drive encryption - ok
HD Photo & WinImaging - should be available on WinXP
SuperFetch - just an upgrade of the prefetcher on WinXP
Flip3D - aesthetics
WinAero - aesthetics
WinSidebar - should be available on WinXP but don't rip off Google's sidebar, or Mac OSX's widgets!
Photo Gallery - should be availabe on WinXP, but DON'T rip off iPhoto!
Kernel Transaction Manager - should be available on WinXP if designed properly
Windows Search - ok, but only because Google's Desktop Search app made you do it. And do I need to say any more about ripping off Mac OSX ???

5. User Accounts Control is a Stupendously Horrendous Failure

I really don't know what to say about this User Accounts Control feature, so I'll let someone else get the point across.


Glitz said...

One of the absolute worst computing experiences in my life. Basically holds your laptop prisoner. I've had this laptop 3 days and I'm ready to throw it out the window. It made my computer run so poorly I thought the computer was broken. No, just Bill Gates head is all it turns out. It's so bad that tomorrow I'm going to the store and purchase XP. I'm going to wipe this sucker clean and say bye bye to this albatros called Vista. It can kiss my ass! I don't have time to sit there and wait 2 minutes for my laptop to boot. Especially one with 2 gigs and an Athlon X2 processor. RIDICULOUS! Actually, I might just take the shit back and get a laptop without Vista in it. Why should I have to do all the work!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

First of all my computer doesn't have any probloms booting up, it only takes a little under a minute. Maybe I'm just not smart enough with computers to notice this stuff, or maybe vista doesn't effect a desktop as much as a lap top but there are only two things in their that I would agree with you on. Programs do crash more often than on Windows XP, and it does take alot more effort on the computers part to start up then it should. Windows Vista does have it's share of flaws, but I'm enjoying my new computer even with Windows Vista and don't believe that it is a bad operating system.

Shin Orochi Matsuura said...

some notebook manufacturers don't allow us to make choice and ship it with VIsta.
That is annoying.
And when we make our mind to just throw the vista and back to XP, they don't provide the drivers yet.
WTH with that...
It's a scam

Keith said...

The thing that made XP great was that it brought Windows 95/98 and NT4/2000 together. Nothing else really has to do with the OS. Also, Vista == XP SP3 anyway. Further, looking at some of the benchmarks, Windows 7 is more / different stuff, but exactly the same core system.

Something else of note, most the entire world has switched to IPv6 to the best of my knowledge, except the United States, with regard to backbone.