Thursday, November 01, 2007

Burned by the Beans


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The Soybean futures market behaves totally different from the stock index futures, and behaves very differently even from the other grains (corn and wheat). Now I have the rest of the day to stew over what I did wrong. Probably the first one is to ask myself why I jumped into trading this market so impetuously without first studying it some more to develop an understanding of its characteristics.


Denarii said...

Beans and Grains trade a lot different than stock indexes - I trades a lot of grains in the 80's. if you have problems with Beans - I would suggest Gas-X - lol - works for me - Denarii

Phileo said...

Hi Denarii,

Thanks for your comments. Yeah, when I trade ES, I usually refer to YM and NQ as a tool, to help guide me in the direction, since all three trade in the same general direction. Unfortunately, this technique does not work with the grains, at least not today.