Friday, October 26, 2007

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Work sucks. I was swamped with a bunch of programming design tasks in just my second week on the job, so I only had time to glance at Mastercard (NYSE: MA) pop up $10 this afternoon. This was one of my swing trade candidates, but I didn't even get around to putting in an order to buy MA. Crap.
Well, maybe I should not try to shift the blame elsewhere. I actually traded the Forex futures in the overnight session yesterday night, and the night before that, so I didn't have time to review the chart on MA. All that just so I could make an overwhelming 5points on the Euro. Were those few trades worth it to pass up on an opportunity to participate in the $10 pop in MA in the past 2 days?
It seems like I want to trade futures and swing trade, but I probably don't have enough time to do both, either that or I'm just not organized enough to do both yet.

I've noticed for the past session or two that the 7am reversal seems to be working again. This is something I will watch out for in the next few trading sessions.

Time permitting, I think I will bring back the nightly numbers again, since I think I can use it to help me place bracket trades for the day.

Anyways, how about that Loonie, eh?
I'm reading everywhere from every guru to short the Loonie. There's even one newsletter flogger (I won't name this guy) who's been recommending to short the Loonie as far back as Sept. 23/07. I can only imagine the frustration of trying to follow this recommendation for the past month. I would probably want to get a refund on the price paid for the newsletter.

Media pundits are yammering on about how the rise in the Loonie (and the Euro and Cable) is directly attributed to the fall in the USD$. Hence, everyone is trying to pick a bottom in the USD$, just like how they are trying to call the top in the Loonie.
There is no indicator more powerfully compelling than a broken trendline. Sure, it looks like the momentum might be decreasing but realistically, until that trend is broken, the benefit of the doubt has to be given to the buyers. The Loonie will experience profit taking from time to time (like how it did this past Monday Oct 22), but new sellers have to enter the market in order to break the trend, and I don't see that happening thus far in the charts.

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