Thursday, October 11, 2007

Improving my Approach to Swing Trading


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I will be taking what I've learned so far from Futures trading and see what can be applied to swing trading.
One of them includes investigating how Swing Trading looks from a volume chart perspective.

Couple of stocks I am looking at today include: AGU, GROW, AKAM
VDSI might be a good study tool in the different approaches to swinging a stock. Chart to come as time permits.

I haven't given up on Futures Trading by any means, but with volatility decreasing in the S&P500 eMini Futures (only a 7point range in ES today, less than 1/3rd of what it was back in August), I figure that it's time to diversify.

UPDATE: Of course, while I was writing this post, ES goes ahead and drops 16points, the biggest range expansion that we've had since the FOMC breakout. Go Figure.

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