Monday, September 10, 2007

Trading Results for Monday

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Today I performed poorly.

I did not go thru my morning preparation routine, I did not take a few minutes to survey what was going on in the various markets - at the very least I should have taken the time to see where the other markets had gapped up or down. Instead I just jumped right into trading without thinking.
The second problem was that when I saw price was below my projected resistance zone, I started to trade counter to the trend on the rationale that it would actually rise to my resistance zone before reversing. In fact, I thought I would go to 1470, and was trying to play that move. That bias led me to ignore what the chart was telling me.
Lost most of what I worked hard to earn last week, so that really sucks.
I must take a break to regroup the next time that I make a couple of bad trading decisions.

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