Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Natural Gas

"....I applaud your bravery for swing trading Natural Gas. It’s one of the most volatile markets in the industry…good luck with that."

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Ok, so Natural Gas went from a smooth, serene, orderly uptrend:

.... to a chaotic, disorderly, rabid dog :

I'm just glad I got out of the way of those wild swings up and down, it would have been hard to figure out.
The volatility in Natty Gas makes it interesting to daytrade (which I may attempt again to do so in the near future), but it is too wild for swing trading. I think it was out of character for Natural Gas to show us that orderly uptrend of the past few days.
Anyways, I need to find a futures market that at least gives me the illusion of following basic TA rules in order to swing trade it. My quest continues......

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