Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tape Reading Books

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Yes, I have entered the tape reading phase of my trading career. I mentioned before that there just isn't that many books on tape reading. A search on Amazon yielded the following books:

"Studies in Tape Reading", by Richard Wyckoff.
This book was originally published in 1910, but it seems to be popular enough to have lasted until today. I've come across a couple good reviews of this book from various trading websites. I think any trading methodology book that can stand the test of time and still have decent reviews is worthwhile to take a look at.

"Tape Reading & Market Tactics", by Humphrey B. Neill.
This book was published in the mid-1930's, and it also has received favourable reviews from various trading websites. And at a cost of less than $10 on, it might be worth a shot even if it turns out to be a mediocre book.

"Techniques of Tape Reading", by Vadym Graifer
This is the newest book on tape reading, published just a few years back. It has received mostly positive reviews on Amazon. TraderGav also has it on his virtual library, but I don't know whether he has actually read it or not. If anyone has read this book, please leave a comment on whether you liked it or not.


Gav said...

phileo: So sorry that I did not manage to reply your comment. Well, I haven't finished the book. Maybe just 60% of it. It focuses a lot in volume analysis. So far, I find it to be a good introductory reference for traders who wants to learn more about tape reading. Maybe I am wrong. Well, I will give you an update when my books are shipped to Melbourne Australia. Later.

ZBS said...

hi, Phileo, I have Vadym Graifer's book and I read it several times. I like it alot. It provided useful tactics for developing to a successful trader. I used the Euphoria/Capitulation concept from the book to develop my strategy. Also the trading setup examples in part 3 are very good to help you understand the tape reading techniques and how it applied in real world. Hope you can enjoy it too.

Phileo said...

TraderGav, thanks for responding, and by all means, let us know if you have any updates on that book.

TraderZBS, thanks for the review! Glad to know it helped you out. What happened to your blog by the way? I can't seem to access it these days....