Sunday, March 25, 2007

Weekends Are For More HouseKeeping

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Well, unbeknownst to me, I have been voted as one of the best and favourite blogs by the readers of Interactive Investor Blog.

Thank you!

I feel a bit humbled, and grateful at the same time. I mean, I did't even know that there was an Interactive Investor website was until I found out about it from Trader Gav. Plus, I don't think I've produced any content here that's truly deserving of any awards. And I'm not saying that to belittle myself in a reverse psychology sort of way. I'm just your average joe, on a journey, trying to navigate my way through this challenging landscape, and recording it into this trading journal along the way.
When I first started this blog, I wanted to join all of the zillion different aggregators out there like BlogTopSites. By joining them I was hoping to see traffic to my journal grow and grow and grow. But after a while, I had to take a step back and think, really think about what I wanted to do with this blog. Some days, it just doesn't feel that easy to maintain this blog, and other days, it feels easier to take this blog down a sidetrack. Once I decided that I wasn't going to chase after traffic, then things got a bit easier. I do hope to remain true to the purpose of this blog, which is first and foremost to document my journey (and hopefully my progression) as a trader. In other words, even if there were no visitors to this trading journal, I would still be committed as ever to make entries, because that is what I want to do with this blog - use it as a trading journal in the truest sense of the word(s). Everyone has their own methods for reaching out and helping others, and so by helping myself, and blogging about it, I hope that would also help you the reader, in your trading.
None of this should this be misinterpreted as an indirect criticism of anyone else.

This leads me to my other point. I think there are other blogs that are linking to me. If you are reading this, and you've linked to me, you may be wondering why I haven't returned the favour. The blogs on my blogroll are blogs that I regularly visit often enough to make them a part of my daily and weekly routine. And my daily routine should be centred around improving my trading. So if you are not on my blogroll, then that means either I don't know about you, or I haven't figured out yet how to incorporate your blog into my daily routine. The other issue is that the blogosphere is expanding at an exponential rate, with new trading blogs appearing every hour. I can't keep up, and I've stopped trying. If fulfilling the purpose of my trading journal takes me to a new blog, then I will include it, if not, then so be it.


Tyro said...

Congrats! It's great to see you recognized for your work and honesty.

Phileo said...

Hi Tyro,

Thanks, and Congrats to you as well!

Tyro said...

Huh. They listed my blog? Curious. Thanks for letting me know.

Missy said...

Keep up the good posts, and just write what is your truth, that's the only way to keep a journal or a blog. Trade on and on!!

Phileo said...

Hi Missy,

Thanks for the encouragement, and thanks for stopping by to visit!