Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Just remember, you heard it hear first

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Looks like WallStrip is doing a sector spotlight on Solar Power.
But, for the record, I was the first to put together charts for this sector.

Here's an updated snapshot of the solar power stocks that I highlighted in the post that kicked off this category.

I don't see any obvious sector wide buying. However, as always, there are individual stocks that are acting well. If the market bullishness continues, we may see some of these stocks break out. I'll be keeping this some of these stocks in a watchlist handy in case the market does break out.


Howard Lindzon said...

thx as you know first does not matter for trend followers - thx for the link :)

Phileo said...

Hi Howard,

LOL! No need to thank me, I think WallStrip is a runaway success in terms of exposure, audience and of course, traffic.
Thanks for dropping by !