Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wednesday's Trading Results

Dear Trading Journal,

Thank you for giving me the taste of the thrill of the hunt.

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Still holding my GS Mar07 230 calls @1.40. I was sitting on a small loss on that one yesterday, but decided to stick with it, to give the trade some room to move.
I started watching some ONXX Mar07 25 Puts in the afternoon - obviously too late for any decent low risk entry, but it is now on my watchlist. Might consider the Mar07 20 Puts instead though, we'll see.

Picked up Wi-Lan ( @7.26, TEVA @37.8 (after a small loss on the first attempt @37.54), and Laramide ( @12.61. Tried a daytrade of PCLN @51.2 that just didn't work out, so I took my losses early, no questions asked. I did continue to watch it, but it printed a lower intraday high, and then double topped, bleechh, glad I stayed out of that one for the rest of the day.

NMX and MA both tempted me in the afternoon, but I resisted, as I wanted to take it easy.

The bulk of today's gains came from the GS options, and the trade in First Quantum (TSX:FM). Will post a chart of the GS options and TEVA once I close them out, but not sure if I'll have time to get to the other ones, we'll see.

UPDATE: I looked back at my execution log and found out that I actually bought the GS calls @1.45 and NOT 1.40.