Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tuesday's Trading Results

Dear Trading Journal,

Deliver me from the evils of overtrading.....

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stopped out of RYAAY @97.59. Boy did that suck. My mind feels like someone crapped on it, I had to force myself to continue to watch it even after getting stopped out, in order to see if I could get back in. At least I can console myself in making the right decision to ignore HANS - down 10% for the day. I finally got a nice scalp out of RYAAY breaking above 98.

Sold all of my uranium holdings today all of them at a profit, except for UMN @5.41. I own no uranium stocks now.
FSLR and ESRX both printed almost the exact same pattern on the 5-min chart in the afternoon - dip, stop me out, then reverse and breakout. That really sucked. I was steamed from having been shaken out (because it happened to me twice, and on almost the same pattern), and basically shutdown for the day after that.

I feel like I need a punching bag.

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