Saturday, February 17, 2007

My Review of BlogTopSites

Just another thing little annoyance to get off my chest.

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I signed up for BlogTopSites a couple months back and things were going great for the first little while. It was interesting to see the stats of traffic through their User Control Panel. It also acted as a good carrot to think of new articles so that I could climb up in the rankings.
But one day, not too long ago, things started to unravel. I think this was the time when Blogger moved out of beta. I was also playing around with the template during that time. For some unexplicable reason, my BlogTopSites account got wiped out! I have no idea why that happened, or what exact button did I press to trigger the annihilation of my account. All my traffic data was gone in the blink of an eye, that sucked. But that's ok, I'll just re-register and start the process over again. Or, at least that's what I naively thought. A few days after I re-registered, my blog would get wiped out from the User CP .... again. Hmm.... that's strange, why am I no longer able to add my blog to their system? So I thought I would try to contact them. I think I used their "contact us" page back in the beginning of January, it was a Saturday. Their contact us page said it usually takes 3 business days to respond. Well, it is now Saturday .... of the next month! They still have not responded to my initial attempt at contacting them. And I tried 3 more times to get my blog added into their system, but failed each time - the User CP would just come up blank after a couple days.
So, BlogTopSites is no longer useful to me, so I have to take out their widget. I will miss them, and the additional traffic that they would send my way. I was also annoyed at not being able to register my blog into their system, but now I've learned to move on. They are probably too successful now to care about the 1% of their customers (such as myself) that are not happy.


Caravaggio said...

Not good form at all. There seem to be quite a few blog aggregator sites like this, and the number is only going to grow in future, so if you try again in 6 months or so, you may be able to find something better.

: )

Phileo said...

Hi Caravaggio,

The growth of new blog aggregator sites is surpassed only by the staggering growth of new stock trading blogs. I can't keep up, so I will just learn to be content with what I have in this little corner of the universe.
Keep up the good work on your blog!