Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wednesday's Results

Little more cautious today...

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I recovered from yesterday's loss and made some profit from closing out today's option swing trade in MA. I saw an opportunity in shorting GROW, but just decided to pass on it. Plus, GROW dropped $0.70 in literally one blink of an eye, pretty wild stock. It's pretty hard to get a good fill on GROW, because the bid/ask spread can get so wide so often.

I spent most of today's session culling my watchlist, and entering and updating my price alert levels for the ones that remained in my watchlist. Setting accurate price alerts, and then reviewing for an approximate stop loss point takes a bit of time. Luckily I have my desktop PC setup now, and 3 monitors to stare at !!!

I haven't been as active with my trading lately. Is the market taking a breather, taking a turn for the worse, or is it just me? Is there a blue moon out tonight? Am I reading too much of Van Tharp's book ? Yeah, that must be it, blame it on Tharp.... Man is that book a difficult read or what?

The next two weeks will be tough. I've already reached my (self-imposed) limit on the number of screwUps that I can make per month. I will need to be a cracker jack trader for the next two weeks. Never did like cracker jacks either......

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