Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tuesday's Trading Results

It's good to be trading again...

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Yesterday I was not able to trade, due to, you know, the usual distractions like having a baby. And, the timing of my son's arrival could not have been better - I only missed one day of trading.
In all seriousness though, missing the day of trading felt weird. Hard to describe, but for those who have a daily routine, it felt like the routine was broken.

Today, I did well, but only because I followed my Trading Plan. I made 2 trades from the HCPG newsletter picks (BG, MDC), bought some MA calls, and also traded yet another uranium company - SXR Uranium One. I will post charts on them once I have closed out the trades.

I have noticed lately that I do well when the market is up. I'm not sure how I perform when the overall market is down. I think I will add that to my performance log to see if there is any pattern.


TradingGoddess said...


Your son is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Let me know if you need any unasked for motherly advice. LOL!

Oh! My daughter, TGjr says she will babysit anytime!

Take care to get some good winks in. :)

Phileo said...

Hi T'Goddess,

If I think of any motherly questions, I'll know who to turn to.....
Is your daughter old enough to babysit? She's not in high school yet, is she?

TradingGoddess said...

She is mentally in high school. LOL!

Although she is 10 1/2, she has been babysitting for 2 years now. She adores babies and young kids. She has my sister's "teaching" and "patience" genes in her.

But, do not fret. Her babysitting thus far has always been supervised. I believe I was 13 years old when I was allowed to babysit on my own.

Now, go get some sleep. Tell your wife you adore her. Kiss your son. Enjoy the weekend. :)