Tuesday, January 16, 2007

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Another discouraging day....

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I feel kind of discouraged right now because I felt that I was on the right track last week, and then today, all of a sudden some of my old bad habits start showing up again. The biggest mistake was that I held onto a couple of losing trades too long today instead of cutting my losses short. Normally, at this point I would like to ponder whether the pain of missing out on a bounce/run-up caused me to hold on too long, but I'm going to stop with the psycho-analysis of my old bad habits, since I know what I need to do and just need to execute.

Probably the other biggest thing that I noticed today was that I strayed away from my normal routine. Also, I was trying to pull up too many charts on my laptop. When an alert went off, it would take me quite a few seconds to bring up the chart, because I had a few tabs going in my FF browser, which in combination with all the real-time charts that I had up, kind of drove the CPU usage to 100%. I didn't have a good sense of what was going on in the market today because of this nagging distraction. It got kind of painful trying wait fir the chart to come up and to see what had triggered, and broke my rhythm - the problem wasn't a slow internet connection, it was a slow CPU! Anyways, I had a desktop PC which was in another room, but moved it to my "office." I'll probably use the desktop PC for surfing or reading the news, and the laptop for watching charts and trading. Probably cutting down the number of charts I have up will help out as well.


Bubs said...


Had the same type of day today. Got bad fills and was looking to force trades and ended up looking at everything and missed a good setup or two. It happens.

Phileo said...

Hi bubs,

Yeah, I noticed from reading your blog that you had a tough day as well today. Let's get quickly back on track!

TradingGoddess said...


Sorry to hear about the crappy day. But I like your attitude about "quickly getting back on track"!

Now, go make some greenbacks so ya can upgrade your dang PC! ;)