Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Blog Mergers 'n Acquisitions

The CEO of has a secret plot to topple TraderMike for the coveted title of THE top dog stock trading Hub in all of the blogosphere.

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Move over Chairman Mao, the Chairman and CEO of is starting to build out his empire.
First he recruited a retired jet fighter pilot who goes by the name of Zoomie. Not quite sure how he convinced Zoomie to sign on the dotted line, but Zoomie can now be found as a regular contributor to the Next-Gen (but soooooo Web v1.0) trading hub otherwise known as

Not satisfied with just one contributor, The CEO became much more ambitious in his next move - recruiting a rocket scientist who goes by the name of ExEngineer. This one was definitely an ambitious acquisition, because ExEngineer was convinced to euthanise his old blog in order to join the ranks of

And now, in his latest coup, the CEO of has acquired Tale of the Tape !! This is clearly the boldest and biggest move yet, because Tale of the Tape had a tremendous and loyal fan base, and plenty of blog traffic. All of that has now been ingeniously assimilated into

And this M&A storm is gathering momentum. Already there are rumours that Victoria's Box, and Trading Goddess's Bottom line will be making appearances at

I am no jet fighter pilot. I am no rocket scientist. And heck, I clearly cannot compete with Victoria's Box, and I know I can't match Trading Goddess's bottom line. Those are some serious credentials associated with But by the power vested in me, and with every last ounce of breath, I will defend Phileo's Picture Windows, the last bastion of blogging freedom and unaffiliated and unfettered trading journalism.

So there.

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Richard said...

oh, just give in and join us. You know you want to!