Monday, December 18, 2006


This one hurt.
I will probably have to limit my US trades until I can recover the losses suffered on this trade.

I also tried trading the Russell 2000 Futures today. Certainly no easy money to be made there. Lost a couple hundred dollars.


Tyro said...


That MIKR trade looks suckass. I hate it when a company doesn't report their earnings dates but it's even worse when they report dates which are wrong. And still worse are the jerks who report earnings during the trading day. Man, I feel for you.

Are you planning on taking more trades on ER2?

Phileo said...

Hi Tyro,

Yeah, mikr was a bit of an ambush. I had no clue that it was going to report earnings in the middle of the trading session. Usually companies report BMO, or AMC.

I will try trading ER2 again, but I will first need to study the chart some more in order to understand its patterns and behaviour a little better

Simply Options Trader said...

This sucks and really tough luck man. Hope u will recover soon -financially & mentally, from this aweful experience.