Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Learning about the Russell 2000 Futures

The following chart identifies spots where a trade could have been made on ER2 today. I did not make these trades, but want to remember this for next time, especially to see if these techniques are reliable or not.

I've rated the afternoon short as the best play of the day because the morning long play was a bit riskier, and less clean (could have gotten stopped out on the 5th bar low). Not sure how reliable/reproducible these "virtual" trades are, comments are welcome.

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Tyro said...

Did you annotate the chart in real time or after the market closed?

Even without calling tops or bottoms but just trading the breakouts that you circled, you should be good for 4-7 pts. The good thing is that these breakouts look like they work right away or not, so you can keep pretty tight stops.

I think you might have something, but what do I know? I'm just learning myself :)

Careful trading this next week.