Wednesday, December 13, 2006

How to Double Your Money in 60 Days or Less

Stocks that double in a short period of time are out there.

It's not just the Canadian stocks, there are American stocks out there as well that net approximately 2-baggers in a short period of time.
As indicated by these pictures, the way to make serious profits with stocks is to swing trade them.

Other examples include IAAC, and AKAM. The commonality here is that all of these stocks were/are momentum stocks on multi-month run-ups (okay, maybe the first chart on Wi-Lan was a bad example). My secret Holy Grail has always been to know when to jump onto these momo trains during their multi-month run-ups, and to know when it is time to get off the train.
Tyro also mentions swing trading as a viable source of income, which I am also seeking.
Unfortunately, in each of the above 4 charts, I can easily see places where a trader like me would be scared out/stopped out/chopped out of my position. The real crux of the problem is to find a swing trading method that minimizes the risk - or at least enables me to not to get scared out/stopped out/chopped out of these momentum stocks.
In theory, I think my Trading Rules cover the same general attributes that Dan Fitzpatrick talks about here. However, I haven't consciously focused on applying them to swing trading - the true swing trading that can be relied upon as income.
My trading style in the past couple of months have been short term - I view myself as a scalper of sorts but operating in the hourly timeframe. A lot of my trades haven't lasted more than 3 days. I can see what my trading approach is, and it's probably not the way to make some serious income in a short period of time.

Like Tyro, I will start experimenting (again) with swing trading (for serious profits) in the next few days:

- playing the pullback pattern under various situations
- using wider stops (which also means smaller position size)
- relying less on the intraday chart, and more on the daily charts.
- re-review some swing trading websites
- study many more swing trading examples.
- separating out daytrades from swing trades

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