Tuesday, November 07, 2006

On a lighter note......

My uncle recently bought a computer (his first one), and started getting "plugged in" into the online world. I phoned him recently to find out how the Hang Seng Index is doing. He threw out a couple of ideas.... CHL, LFC, and SNP. And now that he's become more familiar with surfing, he forwarded this interesting link to me. Listening to the soothing music while I scroll through the majestic scenery makes me want to go and visit China.

On a totally different note, I upgraded to FF2.0 just tonight just because I got a Windows Update alert asking me to download and install MSFT's new IE7.0. FF2.0 works great! The biggest difference that I notice is that it is much more stable, and it has not crashed on me yet. With the older FF1.5, it would often crash on me not long after starting a blog posting, which got frustrating at times. Sliding tab windows, tweaked UI, faster page loads are all nice bonuses as well. I think everyone and their uncle should be using FireFox.

I've also started experimenting with GOOG's customized search engine. Seems like every other blog that I come across has this custom search engine, so I will join the bandwagon as well, and experiment with how to optimize it for this trading journal.

UPDATE: Experimenting with my Technorati Profile


CP Trader said...

The pictures of Guangxi are so beautiful!

TradingGoddess said...


My father is taking a trip to China next month! I still don't have the hang of using choptsticks, so a trip for me is not coming anytime soon. LOL!

Phileo said...

CP Trader - yes, beautiful pictures indeed. Thanks for coming by my site, and don't hesitate to visit again!

TradingGoddess - I'm sure they'll provide a knife and fork for you at most restaurants. Thanks coming by to visit!