Thursday, November 30, 2006

No posting until the weekend

Today is my last day at work.  I will be cleaning up some stuff, but I still have some last minute work to do before I can leave.  Plus there has been a big dump of snow in our area, which means lots of shovelling work ahead for me.  Plus we have some guests over for dinner.  Plus I have been pondering customizing my resume for some non-Engineering jobs that look interesting.
I did make a trade in some GOOG options yesterday, and got chopped up.
Unfortunately, I won't have much time to post about this and other trading "things" to this trading journal.  Hopefully by the weekend, I will have time to catch up with everything.


Simply Options Trader said...

For a second, I thought you are leaving your job to do trading full time, lol

Phileo said...

Hi SimplyOptions,

Well, the thought of trading full time for a living did actually cross my mind on the day that I was notified of the layoff (back on Nov 8).......