Monday, October 09, 2006

I've been excluded!

Well after all the hype in the past couple of months, Zecco finally launched their commission-free trading platform today. The only problem is that this trading platform is available only to people with a valid American mailing address and US bank account. That eliminates me on both requirements. That is discouraging for me, since I was looking forward to test driving their platform.
Sort of reminds me of as well. They've been running for a couple of years now, and based on various feedback I've read, you can make decent money as a lender on Unfortunately, they have the same requirements as Zecco in order to be a qualified lender: you need a valid American mailing address and a US bank account, not just a bank account that can handle USD$.
And in keeping with the theme of this post, here is why I've been tracking Google for the past couple of weeks. It got away from me today, but I believe that the problems that Yahoo! reported last month back are specific to Yahoo!. Will be looking at options on Google in the next few days.

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